Proactive Maintenance Programs

Keep business running smoothly with a scheduled maintenance plans for your critical systems is just good business. 

Our customized maintenance agreements are an excellent solution for busy commercial property owners. 

Custom Commercial Maintenance Agreements

Our full-service agreements are completely customized to suit you - we aim to complete all needed services in one call out, so you have less to worry about in the long run.

Commercial chiller boiler cooling tower maintenance

Chiller Maintenance

Chiller/boiler maintenance usually includes a complete tune-up to help ensure your system is ready for the upcoming season - saving you money on utilities.


  • Inspect water inlet and outlet for leaks
  • Clean out and inspect the sump for corrosion
  • Inspect Cooling coils and clean surfaces
  • Check for leaks, corrosion, or bent or damaged fins
  • Inspect control actuators clean and adjust if necessary
  • Inspect and check the compressor, refrigerant charge, vibration, crankcase heater, oil levels and changes, operating temperatures, and look for leaks of refrigerant or oil.
  • Condenser fans should be cleaned, bearings lubricated, belts and couplings need to be checked and tightened as necessary.
  • Check condenser coil for corrosion and leaks
  • Inspect and repair or clean contactors
  • Check exhaust air dampers for proper operation, lubricated all bearings
  • Inspect return air dampers for proper operation, calibration, and lube bearings
  • Inspect fresh air dampers
  • Inspect filter dryer, replace damaged or dirty air filters
Commercial heating boiler unit installation

Boiler Maintenance

When your boiler goes, your whole operation can shut down - we’ll find small issues before they become big problems for you.


  • Inspect and clean fireside surfaces.
  • Inspect all burners.
  • Inspect all gaskets for leaks.
  • Inspect and test all system valves.
  • Inspect and test all safety valves.
  • Clean and rebuild low water cut-off.
  • Recalibrate all operating controls.
  • Overhaul water pumps.
  • Clean condensate receiver.
  • Inspect electrical terminals and connections.
  • Switch boiler automation to summer mode.
  • Inspect & Check fuel oil levels.
  • Inspect Chimney
  • Clean and adjust boiler and components.
Commercial HVAC Northern Virginia

HVAC System Maintenance

Allow us to inspect your HVAC system from top to bottom so we can find any potential problems and follow up on any concerns before they turn into costly repairs.

Outdoor Components:

  • Inspect and clean Coils and cabinets
  • Clear drain pans and condensate lines from all debris
  • Inspect and check the compressor
  • Inspect and lubricate fan motor and blades
  • Inspect control box, switches, wiring, and safety controls
  • Measure refrigerant levels and recharged if necessary

Indoor Components:

  • Check and clean blower assembly
  • Check all belts, lubricate and/or replaced
  • Clean combustion blower housing 
  • Clean and clear evaporator coil, drip pan, and condensate lines
  • Inspect and clean burner assembly 
  • Clean ignition system 
  • Test all safety controls
  • Inspect heat exchanger for holes or irregularities
  • Check flue system for problems
  • Check and tighten control box, wiring, and all electrical connections
  • Replace and/or clean all air filters
  • Inspect Duct System
Commercial Electrical Service Northern Virginia

Electrical System Maintenance

Regular inspection of your electrical systems is one of the most important safety precautions you can take.

Let us ensure the long-term safety of your property by finding any problems with your electrics before they become hazards.

  • Inspect and test Voltage regulators
  • Inspect Breaker panels
  • Inspect all Metering devices
  • Check Transformers for proper operation
  • Test and Inspect Grounding and overcurrent protection
  • Test and Inspect Motor controls
  • Inspect Switches and switchgear
  • Inspect Wiring distribution and terminations for corrosion and wear and tear
  • Test Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI)
  • Test Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (GFCI)
Commercial plumbing system maintenance

Plumbing System Maintenance

Our highly skilled plumbing technicians are dedicated to making sure the job is done right so you can get back to “business as usual” with no worries about your plumbing.

  • Water or Gas Leak Detection & Repair
  • Water heater inspection & maintenance
  • Whole building plumbing inspection
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Plumbing Service
  • Remodeling Plumbing
  • Video Pipe Inspections
  • Water/Sewer Installation
Commercial water treatment

Water Treatment

If you're using a water treatment system, regular maintenance is vital to keep your property's water clean and fresh.

Our expert team can provide you with comprehensive water treatment and filtration solutions, keeping your staff and clients happy with sparkling water.

  • Test Water for Chillers
  • Treat Water for scale, corrosion and other impurities that could affect the proper operation of equipment
  • Clean and Inspect strainers and basket for water debris

You can easily provide a warm and healthy facility without blowing the budget, check out our proactive maintenance plans or give us a call to talk about a custom solution for your business.

Why Choose CFS Services?

There are a number of things that set CFS Service apart from the competition. Our dedication to high-quality HVAC system design and implementation is only one reason why so many commercial customers choose us to handle all of their heating and cooling needs.
  • Consistent, reliable service - every time!

I have personally worked with CFS Service Corporation for over fifteen years, and will still continue on every project whenever I can. CFS Service Corporation has always provided beautiful and excellent work at a very competitive price; their overall talent, competence and ethical behavior put them at the top of our list. They are very easy to work with and you don’t have many problems or issues. They handle it all, great if you use them for multiple trades.

— Terrance Bailey, President
Bailey Properties, LLC

To the Mechanical Install Team, CFS Service Corporation was a real professional team player on the construction of our medical office building in Fairfax. They were a huge part of our objectives in helping meet our LEED goal.

– Scot Minesinger, President
Scot Engineering Properties, Inc.

We want to express our thanks and appreciation to you and your team on completing the Blue Trails Project in a timely manner considering the rigorous schedule. It definitely was a very challenging project that required much hard work and dedication. WE can’t than you enough. We look forward to working with you on other projects.

– Keith Papanicolas
Delray Glass, Inc.

No matter what type of maintenance plan you need, CFS is here for you. 

As a locally-owned company of commercial plumbing experts, HVAC technicians and experienced electricians, our goal is to keep your property running like it's meant to, 24/7.

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