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  Commercial Services
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CFS offers a powerful resources and recipe for success. Our Services include:

CFS provides comprehensive services to sole residential projects, custom homes, apartment conversions, condominiums and town-homes.

CFS provides electrical services for commercial projects including tenant improvements, restaurants, retail stores, hotels and malls.

Some of our valuable electrical services include:

  • Transformer Sales and Repairs
  • Design/Build Services
  • Infrared Scanning Diagnostics
  • Transformer Fluid Testing
  • PCB Replacement and Disposal
  • EPA Compliance
  • Service Upgrades
  • 110, 220 & 480 V. Wiring
Key Benefits
Preventive Maintenance, Fine Tuning, Diagnostic Services and Repairs.


  • Service can mean anything from preventive maintenance to diagnostic services and repairs.
  • Preventive maintenance includes everything from examining the condition of the equipment to cleaning (deoxidizing) and installing surge (over current) protectors.
  • Diagnostic and repair service encompass a wide range of services that might entail anything from locating electrical wiring and all of its components from the incoming electric service to a single circuit in the wiring system of your home or business.¬† We may locate individual devices or appliances/fixtures that need repair.¬† Last we may install or replace fixtures and circuits that you want.
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