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CFS offers free estimates for all new equipment. We sell, install and service natural gas, propane, and electric warm air furnaces.

We sell, install, service and repair hot water heaters and steam boilers

We offer complete duct cleaning service.
Whether your heating system is working or not service can mean anything from preventive maintenance to fine tuning to diagnostic services and repairs.

Key Benefits
Preventive Maintenance, Diagnostic service.


  • Preventive Maintenance includes everything from examining the condition of the equipment to cleaning of some parts, leveling of components, lubricating moving parts and fine tuning or adjusting the setting of motor speeds, refrigerant charges and gas pressures.
  • Diagnostic and repair service encompass a wide range of services that might entail anything from locating the reason that your plumbing system does not operate or does not operate properly.
  • Diagnostic services can be one or all of the following:
    • Electrical wiring and all of its components, from the incoming electric service, to the wiring of the individual component parts. As well as the controls and associated wiring for them.
    • Refrigerant flow or lack thereof, including a proper charge to locating or repairing refrigerant leaks and or leaking components. This also includes the metering of refrigerant and the pumping of refrigerant (compressor). It may include gas piping or flow problems and venting of combustion byproducts.
    • Air Flow includes the proper operation of fans or blowers as well as design and function of the air distribution system. Air cleaning and purifying include filters, electrostatic and electronic air cleaners and humidifiers. And Water removal, which may include piping, pumps and safety components.

Regardless of your particular need, you need to know that who comes to your assistance is qualified, certified and supported to provide the best service available today. Nichols and Phipps has a long history of caring for our customers. Our plumbers are here to give you their best and if they cannot diagnose your problem rapidly and efficiently, they are committed to involve all the resources at our organization to care for you.

We offer Service agreements on all of your HVAC equipment.

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