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Commercial Video Pipe Inspection

Operation and proper use of a video camera allows us to inspect the condition of underground sewer lines and various other types of under surface or covered pipe. The camera consists of a bendable metal rod with a waterproof camera head on the top.  The camera is pushed through the pipe transmitting and image back to the video screen.  Once the technician gets a clear image of the problem, he can proceed with the repair.

Locating, Isolating and Detecting the Problem
Utilizing the plumbing video camera helps your technician diagnose the problem and simultaneously save time and money. Ideal situations where video inspections can are helpful:

  • Cracked, Severed, Shattered or distorted Pipes
  • Pipe movements from ground disturbances or weather conditions
  • Clogged or Blocked Pipes from grease or foreign obstructions inside the line.
  • Corroded or Deterioration
  • “Bellies” in the Pipe from ground erosion.
  • Leaking Connections and Joints
  • Root Perpetrations from tree root that attacked or entered the sewer line.
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